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When you arrive at UCLA come to Kerckhoff Hall. The conference will begin in the Young Grand Salon.

Campus Maps

Getting to UCLA

Driving Directions

From the 405 Freeway:
Take the exit for Wilshire Blvd. EAST (toward Westwood).
Proceed East on Wilshire Blvd. to Westwood Blvd. (about one-half mile)
Turn Left on Westwood Blvd.
Go North 4 blocks past LeConte Ave. to the UCLA Entrance.
There is an Information & Parking Booth straight ahead.


Flyaway Shuttle Bus
LAX to Westwood for $5

Metro Lines 2, 302, 305 and 761 serve campus, or transfer from other Metro Bus lines.

Santa Monica Big Blue Bus
Lines 1, 2, 3, 8 and 12 bring you to campus, or transfer from other lines.

Culver City Bus
Line 6 brings you directly to campus, or transfer from Lines 1-5.


UCLA offers reciprocity to faculty and staff for parking permits. If you have a campus parking permit for your home campus, bring it with you to get a permit at UCLA for no charge. If you don't have a campus parking permit, you will need to purchase a daily permit here for $10.

When you arrive, stop at the Information & Parking booth (map) and request a reciprocal permit. You must present a current, valid parking permit from your home campus as well as a current UC ID in order to be eligible for reciprocal parking.

At the booth, request parking in Lot 6. You will be given a permit for your window or dashboard and an access card for use at UCLA gate-controlled areas, if needed.

Campus Walking Directions to UCCSC meetings in Kerckhoff Hall

From Parking Structure 6

  • After you park in structure #6, walk eastward, crossing the street (Westwood Boulevard).
  • Walk toward the stairs you will see (on the south side of Ackerman Student Union) and climb to the top. Once you reach the top of the stairs walk past the Engineering V building (on the right).
  • Follow the UCCSC signs (with arrows) pointing you to the sidewalk leading toward the Kerckhoff Hall entrance for the UCCSC meetings. Kerckhoff Hall will be on your left after you pass Ackerman Union.

Alternative accessible path: Please follow the directions to exit structure #6 but take a left instead of going up the stairs and walk to the entrance to Ackerman Union. The doors will open at 9 a.m. Once inside Ackerman continue toward the back of the store (follow the blue and gold tiles) until you get to the elevators. Take the elevator (you are on the B level) to level 2. Exit the elevator on level #2 and turn left. Exit the Ackerman Union Building thru the double doors and cross the walkway (bridge) that leads directly into Kerckhoff Hall. Once inside Kerckhoff go down the hallway, past the coffee shop and enter the outdoor courtyard. Turn right in the courtyard and you will see the UCCSC registration desk.

From the campus shuttle drop off near parking structure #2 –

  • Exit shuttle on CE Young Drive near parking structure #2
  • Walk up the sidewalk (lot #2 is on the right) and cross (going north) the CE Young / Westholme intersection at the light.
  • Next cross CE Young Drive (going West) and walk west down the walkway that into the campus. You will pass Schoenberg Hall and the Inverted Fountain (on your right) and Franz Hall will be on your left. Continue walking until you see a building on the right that looks like a castle (Tudor Gothic architecture) – this is Kerckhoff Hall. Follow the signs to the diagonal walkway leading to Kerckhoff Hall and you will soon be standing at the UCCSC registration desk in the courtyard.