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Elluminate for Presenters

Getting Familiar with Elluminate

As you know, we will be conducting sessions via Elluminate to facilitate remote participation. First, we have a Participant's Quick Reference Guide (pdf). Second, we have the Moderator's Quick Reference Guide (pdf). These are general guides for Elluminate here at UCLA (not specifically created for UCCSC). They are formatted with the intention to be printed and folded in half.

In most of our sessions, only presenters will have microphones enabled. (Speaking permissions will be disabled for most participants.) We expect most questions to be asked via the chat window.

Presenters, we recommend that you go to the Elluminate Support page and run through the steps for first time users before visiting the test session below. In step 1, this page will confirm that you have the prerequisite java installed. In step 2, you can go to the Configuration room and run through the audio set up wizard. Step 3 leads you to additional support resources.

After completing steps 1 and 2 (and 3 if you like), please visit our test session set up in Elluminate. There, you may get familiar with the Elluminate interface and try uploading your slides as a test. The test session will be open from now until the conference. You are welcome to enter it at any time. Someone from UCLA will be signed into the Elluminate session at the following times and can answer questions:

Tuesday July 13 (tomorrow), 11:30-12:30
Thursday July 15, 11:30-12:30
Friday July 16, 10:00-11:00

During the conference, a few experienced Elluminate users will also be on hand to assist with Elluminate technical setup for presenters. But, please try to test everything early by running through the participant steps and then visiting the our test session.

We are trying to gather a list of folks to serve as moderators for sessions. However, we may not have enough moderators for every session. For sessions that have moderators in addition to presenters, the moderator will assist the presenter by participating in the chat and raise significant questions to the presenter so the presenter need not worry about what's happening in the chat. If you would like someone in particular (perhaps a colleague familiar with your topic) to act as your moderator, we can give certain individuals extra privileges to moderate and/or speak in your session. For remote presenters, you may find it helpful to have someone in the room with you to act as moderator who can more easily bring questions or problems discussed in the chat to your attention.

Presenters will need to use a microphone, of course. We will provide the microphones for in-person presenters. Remote presenters, you should use headphones to prevent echoing if anyone else in your session will have speaking privileges.

Links will be posted to each Elluminate session (one for each presentation) before the conference begins.



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