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Detailed Program Schedule


In Person PresenterPresenter will be on site at UCLA in person
Remote PresenterPresenter will be conducting the presentation remotely from another campus

Monday, July 19, 2010

Young Grand Salon
Kerckhoff 248
Viewpoint Room
Ackerman A201 A & B
State Rooms
Kerckhoff 131, 133, 135
Visualization Portal
Math Sciences 5628
8:30-9:30 Breakfast
9:30-9:45 Welcome -- Jim Davis
9:45-10:15 Systemwide IT Report and Sautter Award Announcements -- David Ernst
10:30-11:20   In Person Presenter UCLA's Mobile Infrastructure Pilot -- Rose Rocchio and Mike Takahashi, UCLA
In Person PresenterEmbedded Metadata and UC Image Resources -- Jackie Spafford and Greg Reser, Santa Barbara Overflow Room for UCLA's Mobile Infrastructure Pilot
11:30-11:50   ASUC Lecture Notes Online -- Karyn Houston, Berkeley Remote PresenterLessons learned from Change Management for Energy Efficient Computing -- Michelle Bautista, Max Michel and Kira Stoll, Berkeley
Academic Personnel Recruit (Max Garrick and Jennifer Kramer, UCI & UCSD)
  In Person PresenterUsability @ UCLA -- Sharon Shafer, UCLA
12:30-2:00 Birds of a Feather (BOF) Groups / Lunch (box lunches will be provided)
2:00-2:20   In Person PresenterCentralized Windows Services @ UCD - Xeda -- Luis Molina and Paul Singh, Davis Remote PresenterIntroducing CollectionSpace, a collection management system for museums A-Z (Art to Zoology) -- Chris Hoffman, Berkeley Blink 2.0 Intranet (Allisa Becker, Emily Deere, UCSD)
2:30-2:50   Cohort Discovery (Kent Anderson and Mike Minear, UCDHS)
3:00-5:00 Ice Cream Social
Ice Breaker/Game
Video Posters
5:00-6:00 In Person PresenterIntroduction to the Information Technology Architecture Group -- David Walker, Davis

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Young Grand Salon
Kerckhoff 248
Viewpoint Room
Ackerman A201 A & B
State Rooms
Kerckhoff 131, 133, 135
Visualization Portal
Math Sciences 5628
8:30-9:00 Breakfast -- small
9:00-10:15 Keynote -- Tim Groeling, Associate Professor, UCLA Communication Studies
10:30-10:50 In Person PresenterCloud Computing - What is it (good for)? -- Jon Kuroda, Berkeley
In Person PresenterHow Marketing & IT Can Work Together to Save Green by Being Green -- Sirinya Tritipeskul, UCLA
Remote PresenterThe Story of Kuali Ready - Creating a marketplace for shared services "above the campus" -- Ryan L. Means and Tom Tsai, Berkeley Sautter Winner Presentations (tba)
11:00-11:20 In Person PresenterThe Challenges of Turning Paper Forms Green: An Agile Approach -- Hadeel Elamin and Mark Wilson, Riverside

11:30-11:50 In Person PresenterElevating Web Portals to the Next Level through Cloud Services -- Alvin Xu and Sean Dillingham, Riverside In Person PresenterEmpowering the Content Creator in a CMS Environment: the art of balancing consistency and flexibility -- Randal Maile, Riverside In Person PresenterHerding Bobcats: Student Employee Management for a Pioneer Campus -- Jodon Bellofatto, Merced

12:00-12:20 Remote PresenterCan You Replay That? -- David Pritikin, Irvine

Lunch Break -- Everyone is on their own (There are numerous campus eateries in the same buildings as our session venues.)
1:30-1:50 In Person PresenterAccessibility of Virtual Computing Environments: Barriers And Opportunities -- Patrick Burke, UCLA
Remote PresenterDesigning Custom Applications for Multi-Campus Use -- Ed Martin, San Francisco
Remote PresenterData Security Reviews @ UC Berkeley -- Ryan L. Means, Berkeley
EPET Web Service to PPS (Mojgan Amini, Ike Lin and Bruce James, UCSD & UCOP)
2:30-2:50 In Person PresenterUCLA Knowledgebase - a social experiment -- Mike Franks, Ryan Nguyen and Mike Lee, UCLA

KB article regarding this presentation
In Person PresenterBuilding a Campus GIS: Experiences from the UCI GIS Project -- Tony Soeller, Irvine
Remote PresenterStreaming - When Cheap and Simple Is All You Need -- Tim Heidinger, Berkeley
3:00-3:20 In Person PresenterWeb Application Security -- Ram Sripracha, UCLA
In Person PresenterSupporting Academic Websites and Web Apps -- Yusuf Bhabhrawala, UCLA
Remote PresenterNo campus land line, No campus cell phone, Just Skype -- Tim Heidinger, Berkeley

3:30-3:50 In Person PresenterNo Recording for Developing, charging for, and subsidizing a central virtualization service -- Dave Zavatson, Davis
In Person PresenterN-Tier Application Architecture: Paving the Way for iPhone / Android Development -- Scott Metoyer and Amir Tavallai, Riverside Remote PresenterEmergency Updates Online: Allowing non-HTML users to post critical information to the web during an emergency -- Ann Dundon and Elise Meyer, Santa Barbara

4:30-4:50 In Person PresenterOnline Collaboration Made Easy with Confluence and UCTrust (Shibboleth) -- Albert Wu, UCLA
In Person Presenter No Recording for Web Forms and Workflows, Now Available Code-Free! -- Adine Clark, Riverside

4:55-5:00 Pass the Buck (4:55)