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Birds of a Feather

Bird of a Feather at Lunch

Most of these will be a table somewhere in the lunch area around Kerckhoff, except the one on Cascade Web.

  • Hannon Hill Cascade Web CMS, moderated by Rick Hill & Jason Aller, UC Davis -- This BOF will be hosted virtually via Adobe Connect Pro -- connection details
  • Best Practices: User Support for Staff and Faculty, moderated by Cathy McCann, UCLA
  • Faculty Outreach, moderated by Annelie Rugg, UCLA
  • Help Desks, moderated by Lyle Wiedeman, UCI
  • Ways to motivate users to go virtual, moderated by Gerard Au, UCLA
  • Plone at UCLA and the UCs, moderated by Michael Miller and Heather Wozniak, UCLA
  • Mobile Strategies in the UC, moderated by Eric Bollens, UCLA
  • eTextbooks - and integrating them into your LMS, moderated by Rose Rocchio, UCLA
  • Managing and Campus Wide Sustainabilty Program, moderated by Morgan Langley   
  • Desktop deployment strategies with a unified logon experience across a campus within active directory with different specific user policies and administration for each department joinging the process, moderated by David Lakatta, UCLA


Other ideas for BOFs

(These were suggested during registration but the suggester did not agree to be the host. If you want to host one of these or another topic not listed, you can start a table.)

  • Computer Lab Management
  • IT and Marketing
  • Drupal Users
  • Keeping up with Social-A Learning Experience or an Idea out of control
  • Project Managers
  • Cold Fusion
  • Accessing data securely from web applications